Шахматные эпизоды из кинофильмов  (Прочитано 7790 раз)


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Шахматные эпизоды из кинофильмов
: 19.07.2010 12:45
Тема посвящена видеофрагментам из различных фильмов, телешоу и мультиков, в которых встречается шахматная игра и\или известные шахматисты.

Содержание по минутам:
0:04 Шахматная горячка (1925), "Shakhmatnaya goryachka" directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin
0:12 Обезьяньи шалости (1952), "Monkey Business", with Marx Brothers
0:18 Чёрный кот (1934), "The Black Cat" by Edgar G. Ulmer, with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi
0:20 Великий диктатор (1940), "The Great Dictator" by Charlie Chaplin
0:21 Багдадский вор (1940), "The Thief of Baghdad" by Ludwig Berger
0:22 Знак Зорро (1940), "The Mark of Zorro" by Rouben Mamoulian with Tyrone Power
0:23 Морской ястреб (1940), "The Sea Hawk" by Michael Curtiz
0:25 Касабланка (1942), "Casablanca" by Michael Curtiz with Humphrey Bogart
0:27 Хранитель пламени (1942), "Keeper of the Flame" by George Cukor with Spencer Tracy
0:28 Быть или не быть (1942), "To Be or Not to Be" by Ernst Lubitsch
0:29 Шерлок Холмс перед лицом смерти (1943), "Sherlock Holmes Faces Death" by Roy William Neill
0:33 Иван Грозный (1946), "Ivan Groznyj" by Sergej Michajlovic Ejsenstejn
0:35 Красавица и Чудовище (1946), "La belle et la bete" by Jean Cocteau
0:36 Постучи в любую дверь (1949), "Knocking on Any Door" by Nicholas Ray with Humphrey Bogart
0:39 Камо грядеши (1951), "Quo Vadis" by Mervyn LeRoy with Robert Taylor
0:42 Ангельское лицо (1952), "Angel Face" by Otto Preminger
0:45 Седьмая Печать (1957), "Det Sjunde inseglet" by Ingmar Bergman with Max Von Sydow
0:52 Лифт на эшафот (1958), "Ascenseur pour lechafaud" by Louis Malle
0:53 Дневник Анны Франк (1959), "The Diary of Anne Frank" by George Stevens
0:54 Исход (1960), "Exodus" by Otto Preminger
0:55 Лолита (1962), "Lolita" by Stanley Kubrick with James Mason
0:56 Из России с любовью (1963), "From Russia with Love" by Terence Young
0:59 Бекет (1964), "Becket" by Peter Glenville
1:03 Соломенная вдова (1964), "Woman of Straw" by Basil Dearden with Sean Connery
1:07 Что нового, киска? (1965), "Whats New Pussycat" by Clive Donner with Woody Allen
1:12 Затоичи и шахматный мастер (1965), "Zatoichi Jigoku tabi" by Kenji Misumi
1:16 Тони Роум (1967), "Tony Rome" by Gordon Douglas with Frank Sinatra
1:20 Бал вампиров (1969), "Dance of the Vampires" by Roman Polanski
1:23 Афера Томаса Крауна (1968), "The Thomas Crown Affair" by Norman Jewison with Steve McQueen


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Шахматные эпизоды из кинофильмов
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Нарезка #2

Содержание по минутам:
0:03 "Straw Dogs" directed by Sam Peckinpah with Dustin Hoffman
0:07 "Vamos a matar, companeros" by Sergio Corbucci
0:08 "Lassie: The Adventures of Neeka" by Jack B. Hively
0:09 "The Omega Man" by Boris Sagal with Charlton Heston
0:11 "Blazing Saddles" by Mel Brooks with Gene Wilder
0:13 "La plus longue nuit du diable" by Jean Brismée
0:16 "Night Moves by Arthur Penn with Gene Hackman
0:23 "Io sono un autarchico" by Nanni Moretti
0:29 "The Wild Geese" by Andrew V. McLaglen
0:31 "Il gatto" by Luigi Comencini
0:36 "The Lady Vanishes" by Anthony Page with Elliott Gould
0:37 "Fantozzi contro tutti" by Neri Parenti
0:40 "History of the World: Part I" by Mel Brooks
0:52 "Aus dem Leben der Marionetten" by Ingmar Bergman
0:55 "Blade Runner" by Ridley Scott with Rutger Hauer
0:58 "Fanny och Alexander" by Ingmar Bergman
0:59 "The Thing" by John Carpenter with Kurt Russell
1:08 "A Midsummer Nights Sex Comedy" by Woody Allen
1:11 "Bingo Bongo" by Pasquale Festa Campanile with Adriano Celentano
1:19 "The Jigsaw Man" by Terence Young
1:22 "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by Michael Radofrd
1:24 "Revenge of the Nerds" by Jeff Kanew
1:27 "La diagonale du fou" by Richard Dembo with Michel Piccoli
1:42 "Lattrazione" by Mario Gariazzo
1:49 "Dekalog, jeden" by Krzysztof Kieslowski
1:54 "Rambo III" by Peter MacDonald
1:56 "M.A.R.K.-13 Hardware" by Richard Stanley
1:57 "Europa" by Lars von Trier
1:58 "The Silence of the Lambs" by Jonathan Demme
1:59 "The Addams Family" by Barry Sonnenfield with Raul Julia
2:04 "Knight Moves" by Carl Schenkel with Christopher Lambert
2:11 "Caino e Caino" by Alessandro Benvenuti
2:16 "Searching for Bobby Fischer" by Steven Zaillian
2:26 "Grumpy Old Men" by Donald Petrie with Jack Lemmon
2:28 "Botte di Natale" by Terence Hill
2:40 "Men of War" by Perry Lang with Dolph Lundgren
2:42 "Sugar Hill" by Leon Ichaso
2:44 "Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult" by Peter Segal with Leslie Nielsen
2:48 "Assassins" by Richard Donner with Sylvester Stallone
2:54 "Canadian Bacon" by Michael Moore
2:57 "Othello" by Oliver Parker with Kenneth Branagh


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Шахматные эпизоды из кинофильмов
#2 : 19.07.2010 12:53
Нарезка #3

Содержание по минутам:
0:04 "Checkmate" [porno] by Dyanna Lauren
0:15 "Ridicule" by Patrice Leconte
0:20 "Sabotage" by Tibor Takács with Mark Dacascos
0:24 "Independence Day" by Roland Emmerich with Jeff Goldblum
0:30 "Shine" by Scott Hicks
0:32 "Summer of Fear" by Mike Robe
0:37 "George of the Jungle" by Sam Weisman
0:39 "Le comte de Monte Cristo" by J. Dayan with Gérard Depardieu
0:43 "Train de vie" by Radu Mihaileanu
0:48 "Bicentennial Man" by Chris Columbus with Robin Williams
0:54 "The Spy Who Shagged Me" by Jay Roach with Mike Myers
1:11 "Virus" by John Bruno
1:15 "The Luzhin Defence" by Marleen Gorris with John Turturro
1:29 "X-Men" by Bryan Singer
1:36 "Black Hawk Down" by Ridley Scott
1:37 "Black Knight" by Gil Junger with Martin Lawrence
1:40 "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone" by Chris Columbus
1:48 "The Last Castle" by Rod Lurie
1:50 "La regina degli scacchi" by Claudia Florio
2:10 "Scacco alla Regina" [porno] by Riccardo Schicchi with Eva Henger
2:30 "The Navigators" by Ken Loach
2:31 "Zoolander" [extra bonus in DVD]
2:32 "Two Weeks Notice" by Marc Lawrence with Hugh Grant
2:33 "Global Effect" by Terry Cunningham
2:35 "Moscow Heat" by Jeff Celentano with Michael York
2:42 "Il Paradiso allimprovviso" by Leonardo Pieraccioni with Alessandro Haber
2:56 "Out of Reach" by Po-Chih Leong
3:00 "The Chronicles of Riddick" by David Twohy
3:02 "In Enemy Hands" by Tony Giglio
3:06 "A Love Song for Bobby Long" by Shainee Gabel
3:11 "Five Fingers" by Laurence Malkin
3:16 "La terza stella" by Alberto Ferrari
3:19 "Kingdom of Heaven" by Ridley Scott
3:21 "Oliver Twist" by Roman Polanski
3:22 "Revolver" by Guy Ritchie with Jason Statham